Özen Mensucat, which has been working by considering the idea of “QualityFirst", was established as a finishing enterprise having 4 ton/daycapacity in 1994; now it has 35 ton/day capacity by increasing its capacityconstantly in order to meet the demand and renewing its manufacturing quality.

Finishing processes of knitted fabric produced by cotton, polyester,polyamide, viscose, linen, modal, silk and mixtures of these are made in ÖzenMensucat, which is one of the leading enterprises in the sector of finishingknitted fabric.

Özen Mensucat has become one of the best companies in terms of finishingprocesses in enterprises of finishing knitted fabric. Özen Mensucat makesknitted fabric had different characteristics and views  with finishing processes such as silicone,finish, raising, carbon brush, sand; moreover by means of finishing processesit makes fabrics had technical features such as antibacterial, water repellent,hydrophilic and resistance to creasing.

Özen Mensucat also meets the customers’ demands by having differentfunctionalities on fabrics without ruining their features such as softness andbreathing capability through using Nano-Technology which has become popular inrecent years. It is aimed to create customer demands through quality fabricswhich have just been developed in consequence of R&D studies. For example,some of quality fabrics and finishing processes are "Cool&Fresh, CoolTouch, Silk Tpuch, Dri-Relase".

Our effort for less and productive use of natural resources has become apart of our business through optimization processes created as a consequence ofR&D studies conducted in our company. Sustainable reductions at the amountsof water, chemical and energy used in processes are performed as a consequenceof dyeing at lower floating rates and by shortening the process periods usedfor dyeing processes.

Özen Mensucat pays great attention to environment and human health aswell as products manufactured. Having Environmental Award won in 2000 andhaving OEKO-TEX (Hohenstein) certificate showing that dyestuff and chemical agents useddo not harm human health are indicators of this great attention paid. 

Özen Mensucat was evaluated by an institution who had internationalaccreditation for organic cotton finishing processes as well as being supportedby well-known trademarks and gained great importance in recent years and itreceived GOTS certificate for organic products. 

Moreover, Özen Mensucat checks the conformity to specifications ofproducts presented to the customers through Physics Laboratory establishedwithin it, so it gets the performance of fabrics sent to customers undercontrol.

We make all required tests of fabrics produced by us and also offerservice to our customers in our laboratory accredited by LC Waikiki (Tema), M&S ve Arcadia Group.