Colour measurement, sample preparations, fibre analysis, dye and chemical analysis are performed in the Chemical Laboratory which is accredited in accordance with M&S standards. 

Our customers demand for colour preparation by sending characteristics of fabric, spectral values, pantone code which is an international standard or colour sample. In accordance with these information colours are checked in spectrophotometer (Datacolour) device which makes colour measurement and a recipe required for colour is formed. The data of recipe is entered to the Tecnorama (pipetting) machine and all colours are pipetted in the sample dyeing machines. Fabrics, which are washed in the automatic washing machines after dyeing, are wrung in foulard machine and then they are dried in drying-ovens.

The sample dried in a drying-oven is kept in the condition cupboard which is set at 20°C and 65% enlightened with D65 light. In this way, colours become natural state. Swatch cards are prepared by being evaluated with spectrophotometer or eyes under the light source (TL84, D65 etc.) as demanded by our customers and then they are delivered to our customers.