All physical and colour fastness tests are performed by using devices equipped with the latest technology in Physical Test Laboratory having standard accreditations of Waikiki (Tema), Marks & Spencer and Arcadia Group ( Topshop, Wallis, Topman etc.)

Colour Fastness Tests:

In the laboratory, the tests stated below are performed.

-Colour Fastness to Washing Test,

-Colour Fastness to Water Test,

-Acidic & Alkali Perspiration Fastness Tests,

-Dry & Wet Rubbing Fastness Tests,

-Dry Cleaning Fastness Test,

-Hot Press (Colour Changing After Ironing) Test,

-Light Fastness Test,

-Sweaty Light Fastness Test,

-Sea Water and Chlorinated Water Fastness Test,

-Cross Staining Fastness Test,

-Phenolic Yellowing Fastness Test

-pH Analysis Test.

All colour fastness test results are evaluated in light cabin in the “Dark Room”.

Physical Test:

In the laboratory, the tests stated below are performed. 

-Width and Weight determination,

-Dimensional Stability after Washing (Shrinkage) Test,

-Spirality test,

-Pilling Test,

-Snagging Test,

-Bursting Strength Test,

-Wira Steam Shrinkage Test,

-Wicking & Evaporation Test,

-Thermal Resistance (TOG) Test,

-Assessment of Non-Iron Fabrics,

-Determination of Number of Threads Per Unit Length (LFA).

There is a Condition Room which keeps the conditions at 20°C temperature and 65% relative humidity in the Physical Test Laboratory. Bursting Strength, Pilling, Hot Press and Wicking & Evaporation tests are performed in this condition room and some fabrics are kept in this room before tests.