Özen Mensucat,Sosyal Sorumluluk


• To make all our activities in accordance with national and other relevant acts. (Working hours, salary, etc.)

• To ensure our suppliers and sub-suppliers obeyed social responsibility standards.

• To not allow child workers or workers below 18 to work in our companyin any way.

 • To not make a worker worked by force in our company.

• To ensure applying the requirements of Occupational Health and Safetyin our company.

• To not restrict legal rights of employees.

• To not make a distinction in terms of race, nationality, religion, disability and gender in and out of the company.

• To not make physical punishment, mental or physical pressure or oralbad behaviour.

• To improve the activities made in the scope of social responsibility constantly.

• To ensure sharing and being reached all information belongs to social responsibility standard.