Özen Mensucat,Total Quality Management


Özen Mensucat Boya ve Terbiye İşletmeleri A.Ş. is an enterprise which has mastered in the field of finishing knitted fabric. The purpose of Özen Mensucat is to set up a customer-based Quality Management System in the enterprise presenting the products for the needs of the customers and to transport the  enterprise into an industrial enterprise which can present a service for finishing knitted fabric at a level capable to compete internationally in termsof quality, service, efficiency, price and market share by means of that all units work cooperatively in the direction of the same target by this system. 

For the purpose of producing service above the expectations of our customers, all units shall focus on the mentality of Total Quality Managementand the requirements of this mentality. Hence, our most important product shallbe Quality. As a culture of enterprise, our purpose is to produce Quality, not check it. In this direction, all units shall be constantly improved in thedirection of perfection. Under this consciousness and opinion, Quality Policy of Özen Mensucat is: 

• To ensure customers’ satisfaction by being analysed the customers’ demands punctiliously by all personnel of Özen Mensucat,

• To meet customers’ requests at the shortest and convenient time by believing that definition of Quality is convenience to customers’ demands and needs,

• To consider customers’ complaints and suggestions as the most important reference for quality,

• To ensure all personnel  of Özen Mensucat to attend the required studies for producing final product and service which are convenient with definition of Quality and development of Quality, and also to provide the required technological opportunities,

• To organize constant training programmes for all personnel,

• To maintain and develop positive humanistic relationships among everybody in the organization of Özen Mensucat under the perception of that responsibility of Quality belongs to us all and to keep employees happy in all respects,

• To ensure all personnel of Özen Mensucat understood the Quality andall relevant concepts correctly and completely,

• To benefit from “selected suppliers” which are convenient with ourquality system for supplying dyestuff, chemical and other raw materials, and also to make suppliers pleased to work with our company,

• To show respect to environment because of total quality awareness.

TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System was selected as reference standard by Özen Mensucat and quality awareness was established in the direction of there quirements of this standard in all units of the enterprise. All personnel of Özen Mensucat continue to work in accordance with Quality Hand Book, Quality Assurance Procedures and Instructions prepared in compliance with the contentof this standard. Planning, developing and checking Quality Management Systemare under the coordination of Quality Assurance Directorate and under the responsibility of all personnel in Özen Mensucat aiming to have ZERO ERROR, sothey have been documented with the relevant procedures.

Without being content with our achievements, we pay attention to have allpersonnel of Özen Mensucat understood and practiced our Quality Policy which isbased on constant development of performance of the system, finding better one and more correct one.