Occupational Health and Safety

Özen Mensucat,İş Sağlığı ve Güvenliği


Özen Mensucat A.Ş. is an enterprise, which works in the field of dyeing and finishing knitted fabric, shows its sensitivity in occupational health andsafety as well as in the subjects of quality and environment. In this respectit benefits from scientific techniques and standards and considers “Occupational Health and Safety” as first priority.

Working under this consciousness, Özen Mensucat promises to do the things mentioned below in the scope of occupational health and safety policy:

• To ensure all our operations made in accordance with provisions of T.R. Labour Law Legislation, Occupational Health and Safety Regulations

• To meet customers’ demands related with occupational health and safety,

• To increase all our personnel’s consciousness levels by organizing training programs for occupational health and safety,

• To take precautions minimizing the risks related with occupationalhealth and safety for our employees, suppliers/sub-suppliers and visitors asfar as possible and also to make activities increasing the performance relatedwith occupational health and safety by improving the processes,

• To minimize risks of occupational safety with new technologies andproduction techniques constantly,

• To follow procedures and instructions prepared for occupational health and safety,

• To review the system of Occupational Health and Safety periodicallyand to improve constantly.

General Manager