Çevre Politikamız,Çevreci Üretim


Özen Mensucat Boya ve Terbiye İşletmeleri A.Ş. is an enterprise whichhas mastered in the field of dyeing and finishing knitted fabric. Our purposeis to not harm natural environment and human health while producing quality goods and services. Working under this awareness, Özen Mensucat A.th. promisesto do the things mentioned below for the purpose of “Protecting Natural Environment” which is one of the articles of our Quality Policy.

• To ensure all our operations made in accordance with provisions of T.R. Environmental Legislation and other requirements.  


• To determine every kind of environmental factor which may cause environmental pollution, and to minimize possible environmental effects by increasing our environmental performance with constant development.

 • To prevent pollution and to minimize it in its source.  


 • To organize training to improve our environmental performance in andout of the company, and also to share experiences about preventing environmental pollution with other companies, our suppliers and local community and to heighten their awareness.

• To ensure using the natural resources efficiently.

• To use materials, which do not harm human health, in all ourprocesses.  


• To follow procedures and instructions prepared for improving environmental performance.

Our Environmental Policy shall be a guide for other operations.