• To make Özen Mensucat a favourite organization in its region and sector where ourpersonnel and their family are happy to work there by supporting team spirit,transparency, constant development and adding value.

• To create a common language with executives in the direction of the humanresources mission determined and to speak the same language.

• To consider all events patiently and multi dimensionally by accepting human as the most complicated creature and the most valuable in all living creatures.

• To establish sincere, honest and long-term relationships with our personnel for the purpose of knowing them better in every respect.
• To have general knowledge about all functions of the organization.

• To be an effective, sufficient and confidential team while meeting the needs of organization, work and personnel.

• To use scientific methods in our all functions in order to satisfy theneed for qualified personnel which is existing now and is going to exist in the future.

• To work in a coordination with all personnel in all functions of Human Resources.

• To be an instructive, sincere and realistic catalyser by respecting to personality and cultural values of personnel in all working area.