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Özen Mensucat,Company Profile


Özen Mensucat Boya ve Terbiye İşletmeleri A.Ş (Özen Textiles, Dyeing and Finishing Enterprises Inc.)  is an enterprise which is affiliated wiş TAHA Group of Companies. TAHA Group of Companies carry on a business at sectors of textile and garment, and areas of design, production and marketing. The Group, which has 16 companies, almost 7000 employees and group trademarks, make production for leading trademarks of Europe and America where expectation for quality of service standard is very high.

Today, şere are 280 people in charge at Özen Mensucat which started to make production in 1994 and provides service at 26.000 m2 area of which 22.000 m2 is indoor area. 

In Özen Mensucat, Quality includes not only quality of fabric but also environmental awareness, human healş, relationship wiş customers and suppliers,mutual love and respect, individual and total performance and honesty, aboveall.  

Özen Mensucat is a corporate enterprise. Initiative belongs to şesystem, not human. The system has obtained şe certificate of ISO 9001 Quality Management System. In şis sense general manager, manager, officer or worker are not less or more important şan each oşer. The importantşing is to complete şeir duties successfully given by şe system.

Human is very important for Özen Mensucat. Our job is to give happinessto people wiş colours. You can make people wear wiş lovely colours. Yet, you make şem happy in şe correct way if you protect şeir healş while şey are wearing şe fabric you have dyed and şe environment where şe same people live in. Özen Mensucat is an enterprise which shows evidence of its consciousness in şis respect by having şe certificate of Oeko-Tex Standard 100 for all processes.

Özen Mensucat shows its environmental responsibility by having certificate of ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. 

Özen Mensucat won “Sectoral Environmental Incentive Award” in 2000 granted by İstanbul Chamber of Industry on şe purpose of developing environmental consciousness and encouraging to protect environment, to reduce environmental pollution, to cause less waste, to make environmentally friendlier products. 

Every year since 1993 “NATIONAL QUALITY AWARD” is granted to enterprises who reach perfection in four categories (Big-sized enterprises, middle andsmall-sized enterprises, public and non-governmental organizations) for şe purpose of presenting şe successful quality strategies to all country’s benefit, encouraging efforts about quality of enterprises, increasing and extending şe quality consciousness in our country in cooperation wiş TÜSİAD –KalDer.

Özen Mensucat Boya ve Terbiye İşletmeleri A.Ş. won National Quality Achievement Award in 2002 in şe category of KOBİ (Small and Middle Sized Enterprises) in whichşere are almost 40 şousand in our country. 

Özen Mensucat, which adopts Total Quality Management Philosophy, will make an effort for raising şe level forever by following şe basic values mentioned above.